Geothermal Heating & Cooling: Using the Earth to Keep Your Home Comfortable

November 1, 2012

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Geothermal heating & cooling is something that many homeowners may not be familiar with but it has been around since the 1940’s as a way to keep homes comfortable.

What geothermal heating & cooling does is use the earth’s temperature to maintain your home’s ideal temperature. Even though it may be scorching hot in the summer or ice cold in the winter, the underground temperature of the earth is the opposite; similar to what you find in a cave. For instance, if the air outside is freezing, the earth’s temperature underground will be warmer. When it is hot in the summertime, the underground is cooler. A geothermal heating and cooling system utilizes this difference in temperature to stabilize the environment in your home to a setting that is ideal.

These ground source heat pumps not only are ecologically friendly but they cut down on costs as well. As an example of your savings, a traditional unit uses electricity to make the heat that you’ll use. These units simply move the heat, but do not have to work harder to create the heat. The initial investment is a little bit higher than a traditional unit but the savings are returned within a few years by the savings you’ll see on your power bill.

There are four types of geothermal heating & cooling systems and which one you need depends on your environment and situation.

  • Closed Loop Systems – These use plastic tubing that is buried underground or under water.
  • Horizontal Systems – These are more money saving systems that are typically done with new construction if there is enough land available.
  • Vertical Systems – These are typically done in commercial buildings such as schools. These are best for those with less land to work with or where the land is shallow.
  • Pond or Lake Systems – This is the cheapest option if the landowner has a water source that meets certain specifications such as depth and volume.

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For a visual of the benefits of a geothermal heating & cooling system watch the video below: