Keep Your Cool With A Split Ductless Air Conditioning System

October 18, 2012

This Keep Your Cool With A Split Ductless Air Conditioning System tip was posted by Sila Heating & Air Conditioning,

Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, split ductless air conditioning has become a popular choice for homes and businesses where traditional cooling systems could not be feasibly installed. Ductless units can be used to cool and heat areas that are difficult to reach and are found in many settings such as offices, hospitals, hotels, and even schools.

Ductless air conditioning systems do not require the expansive ductwork system used in traditional central air configurations. They work in a similar way but on a smaller scale.

As in central air systems, split systems are comprised of an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handler. The indoor unit delivering the air is installed either high up on a wall or ceiling while the outdoor unit is placed on a solid stable surface. A 3-inch opening is all that is needed to connect a pair of lines which delivers electricity and removes condensate.

The advantages of using ductless air conditioners over central units are many.

  • Easy and fast installation since no ductwork is required.
  • The ductless system is much smaller and quieter than a central or window air conditioning system.
  • Cost savings are realized with controlled cooling for specific areas and times rather than cooling an entire building all day.
  • Ductless air conditioning systems are more efficient and have greater cooling capacity than central or window units.
  • More efficient filters that remove larger allergens and can also be cleaned and used over again.

Upon deciding to use a split ductless air conditioning system, be sure to select the right-sized unit for the area. A unit that is too large or improperly installed could result in short-cycling which would not provide proper temperature or humidity control. A qualified installer should be used since it is crucial to accurately size the indoor units as well as select the best location for the unit.

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