The Benefit Of Home Standby Generators

November 8, 2012

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In a country where the power grid is aging and under-equipped for major weather events, widespread power outages are going to occur. An article on the Huffington Post’s website chronicled the recent effects of Hurricane Sandy on the citizens of New York.

Power outages left millions in the dark as Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast on Monday. The storm also left many disconnected from the Internet and unable to charge laptops, cell phones and tablets . . . Sandy left more than 8.2 million people without power across the East and in New York City alone, 800,000 were in the dark.

Our homes rely heavily on electricity as a means to carry out the basic necessities of life. But when major storms hit, your family could be left without power for days. Consider the benefit of home standby generators as a proactive solution.

Home standby generators help insure families against the unknown cost and loss of unexpected power outages. These generators make sure the heating and air conditioning systems in our homes continue to protect us from harsh, extreme temperatures. Having a comfortable home during an power outage removes the need of to seek alternative, costly shelter in a hotel.

For families that store medicines that require refrigeration or rely on life sustaining electronic medical equipment, home standby generators are a must. A functioning refrigerator also prevents food and produce from spoiling, and thereby saves money.

Home standby generators can prevent possible indoor flooding damages. Home owners wouldn’t have to worry about an inoperable sump pump allowing sewage water to enter and contaminate the home.

Being disconnected from the outside world is also a danger. Electricity is used to operate landline phones and to charge cellular phones. Without phone service, you would be unable to reach concerned friends and family members to let them know you are okay. Also, if there were an emergency, you would be unable to call for help.

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