An ounce of maintenance saves a pound in emergency service.

Maintaining your system saves a fortune.  Really.  Not only will your heating system work more efficiently – because a clean running system uses less fuel – it also extends the life of the system you own.  And a maintained system is a safe system.

Doesn’t it make sense to clean and check your system every year?  And with Sila’s Real Deal pricing, we reward you for being an early bird.  It pays to Clean & Check with Sila!

Sila’s Heating 15-Point Clean & Check:

  1. Heat Exchanger Inspection
  2. Blower System
  3. Electrical Components
  4. Ignition Components
  5. Safety Device Inspection
  6. Humidification
  7. Flue Connector Inspection
  8. Temperature Rise
  9. Filtration Inspection
  10. Gas/Oil Component Inspection
  11. Combustion Air Inspection
  12. Condensate Inspection
  13. Thermostat Inspection
  14. Duct/Piping Inspection
  15. System Efficiency