Need to beat the heat?! YOU can have central air!

Sila can help you understand what home cooling system is right for you.

Even if you have an older home without existing ductwork, you can still have central A/C with Sila’s High Velocity central air conditioning system.  Finally you can have the cool comfort you want — without disrupting your home’s architectural integrity.

Want to add central air conditioning to your home?  If you already have a forced-air heating system, adding central A/C is very feasible.  Since you already have ductwork in your home, you’re probably half-way there!

Is your current A/C system old? The last thing you want is to have it fail you on a sweltering summer night – on a weekend, no less!  Well, you can keep your cool – Sila’s got the latest technology.  High Velocity systemsare more quiet and energy-efficient than ever before, with variable-capacity compressors, and sound levels as low as 59 decibels and SEER ratings (“Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”) of up to 25.00. Now that’s efficiency that will blow you away!

You need Sila’s expertise behind you.  We don’t make assumptions about your home cooling needs – we’ll take measurements and do a heating-and-cooling load calculation. We’ll take into account things that you might not have thought about – like whether you have lots of windows on a north or south-facing wall, and the type of insulation your home has.  Skill and care are needed for a properly-functioning system.  If an installation is done incorrectly, you could end up with rooms that are either too hot or too cold.  We’ll figure out the best options for your home, and discuss all the possibilities with you.

Sila has performed thousands of High Velocity A/C installations.  You’ll be comfortable – and stay comfortable — knowing you are in the best hands around.