Home Generators

Mother Nature can have her mood swings.

And backup power from a Sila-installed generator is just the thing to get you through!

Here at Sila, we work exclusively with Kohler®, the best manufacturer of home generators in the market (and they’re also the leading provider of heavy-duty generator systems used in hospitals and nuclear power plants).  With a Sila-installed system, there’s no manual start-and-stop system, no extension cords.  No refueling issues.  No worries.

Here’s how it works:

  • The automatic transfer switch monitors the electricity coming from the utility company.
  • When the power fails or drops below an acceptable level (such as with a brownout) your generator automatically starts, and the transfer switch shifts your power from the utility to the generator.
  • Your generator then supplies your home with electricity until the utility power is restored (invite your neighbors over for dinner!)
  • When the utility power is restored, the transfer switch automatically transfers your power from the generator to the utility.
  • Finally, your generator automatically shuts down – ready for the next power outage.

That’s it.  Easy!  So when a bad storm or utility failure knocks out your power, Sila can keep you and your family comfortable, safe and secure.  You’ll have your lights on, the refrigerator won’t miss a beat, the coffee will be brewing and, most importantly, your family will be connected.

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