An ounce of maintenance saves a pound in emergency services.

Maintaining your system saves a fortune. Really. Not only will your heating system work more efficiently – because a clean running system uses less fuel – it also extends the life of the system you own. And a maintained system is a safe system.

Doesn’t it make sense to tune-up  your system every year? And with Sila’s pricing, we reward you for being an early bird. It pays to Tune-Up with Sila!

Sila’s Heating 15-Point Tune-Up:

  • Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Blower System
  • Electrical Components
  • Ignition Components
  • Safety Device Inspection
  • Gas/Oil Pressure
  • Flue Connector Inspection
  • Temperature Rise
  • Filtration Inspection
  • Gas/Oil Components Inspection
  • Combustion Air Inspection
  • Condensate Inspection
  • Thermostat Inspection
  • Duct/Piping Inspection
  • System Efficiency