It can be hard to know what home heating system is right for you. We make it easy.

Forced-air heating systems

Want to enjoy reliable heat AND lower your utility bills? We can replace your aging gas or oil furnace with a new model loaded with advanced features and capabilities, including high-energy efficiency.

Depending upon your budget and your home’s particular requirements, you have a wealth of options to choose from. You probably know that your system’s AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating tells you how efficient your heating system is –

But did you know that replacing an older 65% AFUE system with a newer system of 80% AFUE or higher could save you literally thousands of dollars in fuel costs over the years?

There’s lots of new technology behind that fact, and that’s where you’ll find lots of new choices:

  • ENERGY STAR-rated systems with efficiency levels up to 98% and above
  • Variable speed motors for consistent air flow
  • Sound-absorbing materials that keep your home quiet
  • “Comfort control” programmable thermostat systems to make sure you get the MOST from your new system

Homes with radiator or baseboard heat

Is your hot water or steam boiler on its last legs? Today’s models – even at standard-efficiency — can give you significant savings on your fuel bills – and a state-of-the-art high-efficiency ENERGY STAR-rated boiler can cut your fuel bill dramatically with an AFUE of up to 95%! That could mean literally thousands of dollars in fuel savings each year. And features like electronic ignition control and modulating capacity will deliver a comfort level in your home that’s much more consistent. Match that up with a smart programmable thermostat system and you’ve got a system that works for YOU!

Whether it’s radiator or baseboard, Sila knows hot water heat! And speaking of radiators, have you thought about replacing those bulky old-style ones with the new “low-profile” models? You can get them for both hot water and steam models, and baseboard as well as wall units. Gain space and give your home a sleek new look – just call us.

Thinking of converting from oil to natural gas?

Did you know the average U.S. household heating with oil spends $1,367 more in annual heating costs than homes heated with natural gas*?

Customers who use natural gas benefit from lower fuel costs as well as consistent availability and increased efficiency.

    Already have gas in your home? Conversion can be a cinch.

    Don’t have gas yet? Check with your local utility company to make sure it’s available in your neighborhood or give us a call.

We’ll help you figure out the potential benefits of converting your heating system from expensive oil to clean, reliable and affordable natural gas.
*New York area does not provide oil to gas conversion services.
EIA Report

Hot Water Heaters

Most people don’t think about their hot water heater – until it fails. But you don’t have to wait until then to make a good decision! Besides simply replacing your standard model when it’s needed, Sila can also talk with you about other energy-efficient options.

If your heating system has a hot water or steam boiler, you can install an “indirect water heater”, which uses the water from your boiler to heat domestic water by means of a heat exchanger inside a storage tank. If it’s used with a high-efficiency boiler, a well-insulated indirect water heater can be the least expensive way to provide your domestic hot water!

You might also consider a “tankless hot water heater” which provides hot water on demand without a storage tank; when you turn on a hot water faucet, the water is heated at that moment as it flows through a heating coil. These heaters are a terrific energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice for the right situation — and Sila can help you understand which system is right for you.

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