Older Homes

Older Homes

Old Home? Don’t Sweat It.

Let’s face it – older homes, with all their character and grace, have special challenges. Your home may not have existing ductwork, working space can be tough to access, and unique architectural features could be destroyed in clumsy hands. Luckily, Sila has three generations of expertise in serving older homes. We can offer you the skill that your home deserves, in service and repairs as well as replacement and installations. Sila has you covered!

Sila Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement Services - We can add air conditioning to any home.

Maybe it’s because Sila Heating & Air Conditioning got its start in one of the most historically-rich regions of the country – Philadelphia. Whatever the reason, in the past 25+ years, Sila has developed a second-to-none reputation for its expertise with historic homes that are a challenge because they lack duct systems to distribute air, tend to have uneven temperature zones because of their age, and need solutions that don’t disrupt the historical integrity of the home.

Older homes – with all of their character and grace – have special needs when it comes to heating and cooling. A lot of older homes weren’t built to accommodate newer heating and cooling solutions. There’s no need to worry though, because Sila Heating and Air Conditioning has spent three generations servicing historic homes in the Northeast region. From cape cods in Boston, to farmsteads in Philly, and brownstones in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. – we know how to handle it.

Sila Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement Services - We can add air conditioning to any home.

You Do Have Air Conditioning Options!

Unico High Velocity Air Conditioning is one of the two most popular solutions for central air conditioning in homes without ductwork. High velocity systems are really flexible and can be installed in almost any home. They utilize narrow, 2 inch, tube-like ducts to distribute air throughout the house so that you don’t have to compromise the antique integrity of your home.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems are commonly used in older homes as well. These small, ductless systems can be installed virtually anywhere and allow you to control their temperature via your phone. Mini split systems are small and are typically used to control the temperature in one room or section of the home alone, giving you the control to set different temperatures in different parts of your home.

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