Older Homes

No ducts? No problem!

You know the issue — homes with hot water radiators usually don’t have any ductwork for forced air. If you have one of these older homes, you might have thought you couldn’t have central air conditioning. Maybe you thought you would be stuck forever with noisy, ugly, and cumbersome window units. But now – even in your older home — you too can have Central Air Conditioning with High Velocity.

High Velocity Air Conditioning is designed for older homes that don’t have existing ductwork. High Velocity works by “snaking” small flexible tubes through and around existing construction. They can be pulled through crawlspaces, closets, and even above ceilings. The result is that you won’t have to build ugly and cumbersome ductwork; you’ll have little or no remodeling. High Velocity

With High Velocity Air Conditioning, you can maintain your home’s architectural integrity AND enjoy comfortable summers!

High Velocity is Almost Invisible

High Velocity Outlets High Velocity Air Conditioning is barely noticeable. The round outlet holes for the cool air are only 2 inches in diameter! And the air handler is remarkably compact; it can be installed in an attic, a basement, or even a closet.

High Velocity is Quiet and Comfortable

High Velocity Air Conditioning uses flexible sound-absorbing material for the tubing. This gives you quiet airflow from each individual outlet.

High Velocity is comfortable for two reasons:

  1. It removes 30% more humidity than conventional air conditioning systems. Which means a more comfortable environment for you, even at higher thermostat settings.
  2. Draft-free! As the streams of cooled air enter the room, they create a gentle circulation that maintains an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

High Velocity is Right for All Types of Homes

High Velocity Home

We’ve installed High Velocity in all kinds of homes, even:

  • Commercial spaces
  • Historical homes
  • Wood-beam construction homes
  • Homes with open floor plans
  • Churches and museums

Sila has done them all! We have three generations of expertise in designing and installing High Velocity. That means that we can design a system that’s right for YOU!

Watch this short video and see how
this amazing A/C system works

Or check out this awesome infographic!

Don’t go another Summer without Central Air Conditioning!

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