Real Deal Pricing

Real Deal Pricing

You take care of us. We take care of you!

OK, here’s “the deal” on Sila’s special offers:  If you think ahead and do us the favor of booking our very skilled technicians during slower times of the year when they are not as busy, we’ll return the favor by giving you a really great deal!

So it’s not the “Christmas in July!” promotion or the “Surprise!  Get it now, now, now!” giveaway.  Nope.  Our deal is simple, and it’s called The Real Deal. It’s a calendar of pricing for our 15-point Tune-Up system maintenance program.

Have we got something special for you!

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Heating Tune-Up Cooling Tune-Up
1. Heat Exchanger Inspection 1. Indoor Coil Inspection
2. Blower System 2. Outdoor Coil Inspection
3. Electrical Components 3. Electrical Components
4. Ignition Components 4. Blower System
5. Safety Device Inspection 5. Safety Devices
6. Gas/Oil Pressure 6. Lubricate Moving Parts
7. Flue Connector Inspection 7. Electrical Wiring
8. Temperature Rise 8. Temperature Difference
9. Filtration Inspection 9. Filtration Inspection
10. Gas/Oil Component Inspection 10. Thermostat Inspection
11. Combustion Air Inspection 11. Refrigeration Cycle
12. Condensate Inspection 12. Condensate Inspection
13. Thermostat Inspection 13. Compressor Evaluation
14. Duct/Piping Inspection 14. Tighten Connections/Amp Draw
15. System Efficiency 15. System Efficiency